Bonjour Corée is an association made by South Korea lovers, not only for others South Korea lovers, but also for people who are interesting in discovering this country, its culture, music, gastronomy and more.

Created by several members of former associations, but also by professionals and students, Bonjour Corée’s goal is to be a stepping stone between France et South Korea.

1. Why this organization ?

Bonjour Corée: it is a task group created by people who have a passion for South Korea and particularly for its culture, music and lifestyle to share with other enthusiasts like us.

The main goal is to promote communication/circulation and cultural exchanges among these enthusiasts. Bonjour Corée also aim at providing them with presence in various fields: traditional or modern culture (music, cinema, gastronomy, sports, technology, customs …).

We are supported by various partners on a local level (France) but also straight from Korea, with whom we enter into partnerships to complete projects and to provide you with the best of South Korea.

2. Our fields

In line with our growth, we decided to focus primarily on the following main activities:

Creation of musical and cultural events and exchanges linked to South Korea
Promotion of Korean (shows, concerts, exhibits, introduction of gastronomy, …)
Creating and/or sales of merchandising (“goodies”)
Fanclubs’ opening in France/Europe

3. Current plans/projects

  • Showcases/FanMeetings: First, this is a meeting between Idols and their fans in France and Europe, but it is also an exchange through different games. If idols are on a promotional tour, a signature session may be possible. The evening could end with a musical performance of the HITS of the moment.
  • BigBang Alive Tour in Paris”: Coordination of Fans’ Projects for the concert and community manager work with the K-Pop community to promote their concert and the whole set of events related to the concert (dance/Flashmob/Cover Contests).
  • Korean style Clubbing: as a promotion of Korea with the presence of live guests from Korea and Korean products (liquors, snacks…).
  • Ponjangmacha project: in Europe

Also helps to promote events organized in France (Paris) by Koreans, giving them our expertise and knowledge of the French market and by offering them our on-site assistance.

4. Prospects

  • Development of Asian culture by organizing events and meetings with Korean celebrities; traditional, classical and modern music from South Korea and Asia (excluding K-Pop and Pop music)
  • Culinary activities
  • Movies / Dramas
  • Trips to South Korea (including participation in activities proposed to Cape Korea travelers)
  • Opening of a Korean bakery in Paris
  • Opening a fancafé in Paris
  • K-Pop dance classes
  • Summer Korean language classes

A concert, an exposition, a cooking workshop, or a project for your fanbase ? Bonjour Corée will do all the possible to help you, with good mood and respect, thanks to our experience and our reliability.

Thank you all and see you soon !!


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