In Paris, on November 24th at La Flèche d’Or (event hall), we had the privilege of welcoming Crush for a concert. It was the first date for his European tour. On November 26th, he was at Tocqueville 13 in Milan then, on the 27th at La Scala in London. Only three dates for an European Tour, it seems not much. However, it explains how fast the tickets were sold-out for his concert in Paris. We were delighted to have him for a concert, especially K’Hip-Hop and R&B amateurs.

There were people, many people! The concert hall was crammed to overflowing. The security didn’t let enter the unfortunates who did not have a ticket, and they were many.


For some lucky devils, the party started early. Those who had a Premium Pass could have met the singer during the Meet&Greet. It was the best timing for a « annyeonghaseyo », «sarangheyo », « Shin Hyo Seob jjang ! », a high-five and a hug. A picture with the artist closed this session. For the others, the wait was palpable. A long queuing line where people, as and when the minutes go by, seemed stuck one to another before our star’s arrival.

As planned, for the concert’s first part, DJ Millic mixed to his rhythm and to the public’s one over an electro sound as we like. At this moment, Seoul’s nightlife atmosphere was into La Flèche d’Or!

Around 9 p.m, Crush finally walked into the stage under great applauses. The French audience was well awaken, ready to give its utmost for the first Parisian show – and European – of Crush! DJ Millic won’t either let the atmosphere cool down by staying at turntables all night long.


With some French words, Crush greeted the public and started to sing his best songs such as Hug Me, Sometimes, Woo Ah, I Fancy You, or Don’t Forget. The artist also performed few songs of his new album Wanderlust like Fall or 2411 to the delight of his audience which already knew all lyrics. His version of Fall stayed as the greatest moment of emotion of the night for many persons in the venue.

As songs gradually go by, the harmony between the artist and his public grew bigger. Some sang at the same time as the singer with perfect pronunciation of Korean lyrics. The audience also proved it by singing all parts of his featuring in Mommae, Hold me Tight or Two Melodies songs… Crush was pleasantly surprised and his smile only confirmed his feeling toward his fans. By the way, we won’t forget the moment when he showed his gratitude by bowing at 90 degree three times to thank his audience.


Between two songs, the singer made the most of the opportunity to drink. Honestly it was hot, very hot and singing under spotlights made it hotter for the artist and his fans. Thanks to La Flèche d’Or for the drinking point (we never forget to praise when it’s deserved).

Crush told us some stories behind his singles including 2411, title of is last album Wanderlust. Considerate toward his fans, he got two staff members on stage to translate in French and English what he wanted to tell us. We really appreciated it.


All night long, Crush was generous in fanservice. He never ceased to use French words – or at least tried. The audience gave him a little help on pronunciation or teaching him words like « beau », « belle », « câlin » (handsome, beautiful and hug), etc. Another moment, a lucky winner grabbed the towel tossed by Crush after wiping his face with it (we can imagine this fan saying “myyyy precious!!”). Well we, Parisian fans, indeed know how to increase the temperature (on top of the current sauna).


We remembered well when the singer said he would come back in France. The whole audience was thrilled after his announcement. So Crush, if you are reading this article, do know we are waiting for you and we will be more than happy to welcome you again! Same goes for DJ Millic! And if Dean and Zion T. want to come too, we will not say no!

This night you gave your utmost on stage and so did the French fans!

Crédit: @9244

Special thanks to Cult of Ya and 33 Degrees for organizing and inviting us to this concert in Paris. et à pour avoir organisé ce concert à Paris et nous y avoir invités.

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