After the success of Bae Yoon Jung – Park Jun Hee and Choi Hyo Je – Haw’s dance workshops, Bonjour Corée launches into an European Tour with the Kwon Twins – Kwon Young Deuk and Kwon Young Don – dance teachers at YGX Entertainment (branch of YG Entertainment).

Choreographers and back dancers of YG’s artists and recently appeared in survival shows like Mix 9 and YG Treasure Box, they are one of the most famous dancers of South Korea. From Blackpink, Winner, IKON, Se7en, PSY, to 2NE1 or BigBang, the Kwon Twins will teach you the most emblematic K-Pop choreographies. 

In collaboration with K-Dance Agency, Bonjour Corée offers you one week of workshops in various European cities : from London to Paris by way of Lyon, Milan and Berlin, come show your passion for K-Pop dance.


LONDON – October 05th

LYON – October 06th

MILAN – October 08th 

BERLIN – October 10th

PARIS – October 12th & 13th


PRICES FOR LONDON (no refund will be issued)

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 5TH – The Factory Fitness and Dance Center

  • Kwon Young Deuk class (2.30 pm – 4.00 pm) – 35,99€ ( / 35£ (
    (ticket fees included)
  • Kwon Young Don class (4.30 pm – 6.00 pm) – 35,99€ ( / 35£ (
    (ticket fees included)

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